Machine Grade Stretch Film

  • Machine Grade Stretch Film is offered with range of 12 to 50 micron. It is available for medium duty application and heavy duty application. Both kinds of rolls contains diameter of 75 ± 1 mm. naturally, machine grade stretch film is used for high volume. Combination of best grade raw material with advanced machines leads flawless and good quality stretch film.
  • The film offer 200% to 250% stretching with standard power pre stretch and 250% to 300% stretching with super power pre stretch. To get this much high yield, we strictly follow industry set parameters and ensure for the excellent performance and quality.
  • Its main advantage is its consistent quality film with accurate thickness. Every pallet wrap is checked stringently according to the quality standard. Being leading Indian manufacturer and supplier of machine grade stretch film we provide excellent quality films with high impact resistance. It is passed through the tests for elongation and friction
  • Good functionality  | Excellent pallets stability  |  Can be used for food and beverages
  • Also used in paper industries  | Reliably used in automotive industry  | Low noise applications
  • Excellent elongation