UV Stretch Film

  • UV Stretch Film is exclusively used to prevent product from environmental factors. It offers even thickness. It is manufactured with co-extrusion technology with 3 layers. It offers better performance even for heavy loads. It also offer good tear resistant.
  • Our UV stretch film is specially used for the products that are to be stored outside and suppose to face direct sunlight. We know that ultraviolet rays of sun may alter the property of product. So UV stretch film is the best option to prevent possible alteration for the products having prolonged UV exposure. Having such resistance property, it is best preferred for longer outdoor usage and for product better maintenance.
  • It also provides superior load retention. Clear cut appearance of film offer simple and easy reading of barcodes. It contains smooth and clear surface. It offers better moisture resistance and dust resistance.
  • Environment Proof  |  Made with 3-layer co-extrusion technology.  |  Reliable protection from UV rays
  • Better load retention  |  Excellent clarity for good display and barcode reading  | Attractive glossy finish
  • Suitable for prolonged outdoor storage  | Prevent dust and dirt  |  Protect goods from moisture
  • Enhanced shelf life of product  | Water proof